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Wuhan Hengda wisdom City Traffic Development Co. Ltd.


      HEADERITS is committed to urban dynamic and static traffic perception, management, guidance, planning, and optimization as well as promotion of urban transport in China as a whole. Developing a smart urban traffic management platform, it provides leading solutions, key equipment, support platform, application system, and city operations for smart urban traffic management systems.

      The company owns multiple invention patents, whose application can solve the managerial bottleneck bothering the development of urban transport. Mainly it provides the public with general and sustainable transport services and value-added services.

      With the help of its chief consultant, Prof. Duan Liren, a famous transport expert in China, the company carries out post engineering and industrialization of important applications and technology with market value, in response to the requirements of the national economy, urban transport, and market demand and in a bid to address major technical issues with the development of the smart urban traffic management system. In doing so, it seeks to promote the application of system integration.


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